Board of Directors
2020 Call for Applications

The Museum Education Roundtable (MER) is seeking qualified, committed, and diverse professionals for election to the MER Board of Directors!

About the Museum Education Roundtable (MER)

The mission of the Museum Education Roundtable is to inspire innovative thinking for the field through engagement with scholarly and practice-based content explored in the Journal of Museum Education. The JME is the only peer-reviewed journal for the field. Through the JME and related projects and activities, MER advances the museum field by promoting scholarship, dialogue, and community related to critical issues in museum education.

The vision of MER is to empower museum educators to transform the field through learning, community building, and innovative practice.

MER Equity Statement

MER is committed to the core values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. We believe that as an organization, we have a professional responsibility to address the intersecting histories of oppression and resistance that shape hierarchies of privilege and power related to race, gender identity, class, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, ability and national origin and their role in museum education. We are committed to serving as advocates for these values to the wider field and through the Journal of Museum Education.

About the Board of Directors and Opportunities to Contribute

The MER board is a remote working board.  We communicate, share deadlines, and collaborate via a number of digital platforms. MER Board members participate in 1 in-person annual retreat and approximately 1-2 conference calls per month. In addition to these scheduled meetings, board members do individual work to prepare for meetings and reach goals and deadlines that amount to about 1-4 hours per week.

Each board member serves on an action team. Current action teams are Communications and Editorial. The Communications team coordinates messaging about the JME, MER membership and related activities, works to raise brand awareness, and contributes to the ongoing conversation about museum education. The Editorial team works with the Editor in Chief of the JME to ensure the seamless publication of the quarterly journal, to cultivate and secure guest editors and authors, and to develop themes for upcoming issues. Some board members also serve in officer roles, or on special project task forces. All MER board members perform necessary work to produce and promote the JME and to advance MER’s goals. Board members have many opportunities to work on and/or create tasks that are meaningful to them.

Terms, Qualifications, Requirements and Benefits of Board Service
  • Board members serve a three-year term, which coincides with the MER fiscal cycle.
  • Board members selected will attend the Board’s annual July/August Retreat and serve a term from October 2020 to September 2023.
  • Board members may elect to serve an additional term of one or two more years.
  • Ability, desire, and commitment to working fluidly with a remote board.
  • Experiences applicable to the advancement of diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion in the museum field.
  • Meaningful experiences with museum education
  • For this recruitment cycle we are especially interested in candidates who have experiences related to financial/budget management or membership growth.
Specific Requirements:
  • All incoming and current board members are required to participate in the annual Board Retreat each August, which alternates between Washington, D.C. and another city each year. The 2020 retreat will take place in Washington, D.C. on July 26 – 27 (pending the developments of the Coronavirus pandemic). While not required, board members are also encouraged to stay for the annual MER Forum on July 28.
  • Active participation in all scheduled board, action team, and committee meetings.
  • Active assistance with various board tasks as assigned.
  • Board members (or their institutions) must bear the cost of board participation, specifically travel and lodging costs associated with attendance at the annual retreat. MER offers each board member a $250 yearly stipend to assist with board participation costs. MER also covers the cost of some meals during the retreat.
  • Membership in the Museum Education Roundtable. The individual board member or board member’s institution bears this cost, which is currently $50/year. Scholarship funds are available, should a board member or the board member’s institution be unable to afford this expense.
  • Leadership development: Board service can be an important avenue for museum professionals to expand their leadership skills. Additionally, all board members have the opportunity to serve in leadership roles.
  • Professional networking: The MER Board of Directors is made up of museum professionals from around the world.  Additionally, we work with diverse editors and authors to produce the Journal of Museum Education. Service on the board will broaden your professional network.
  • Professional skill development: Board service is a great way for museum educators to nurture skills vital in the museum and non-profit field, such as non-profit management, marketing and communications, academic publishing, budget management, and more.
Application Process

Applications are accepted throughout the year on a rolling basis. Applications submitted through May 23, 2020 will be considered for this 2020 board recruitment cycle; those submitted after May 23, 2020 will be considered for the 2021 board recruitment cycle.

Interested applicants should download and complete the 2020 Board Member Application Form which will assist them in describing their interest in and qualifications for active board service.

Completed application forms and a copy of the applicant’s resume must be received via Google Forms by May 23, 2020.

Individuals and organizations are also encouraged to share this opportunity and invite others to apply. If you know an excellent board candidate please encourage them to apply and reach out to MER with questions at recruitment@museumedu.org.

Selection Process

All applications will be reviewed and considered by the MER Board Recruitment Task Force on an ongoing basis.

Final MER board member selection is determined by Board vote, followed by a vote of the full MER membership in late spring 2020.

All applicants will be notified of their status in early summer 2020.