Snapshot: Documenting Museum Education during Intersecting Pandemics

Journal of Museum Education
Vol. 46 No. 4 | December 2021

The global COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the museum sector with closures, staff reductions, and dramatic shifts in the ways museums and museum educators do their work. Simultaneously, the murder of George Floyd and countless other Black Americans has reinvigorated calls for museums to play a role in understanding and uprooting systemic racism in all its expressions. To document, process, and reflect on these experiences, the Journal of Museum Education invites submissions for the December 2021 issue to share how the museum education sector is:

  • navigating these remarkable times,
  • understanding the impacts on our museum education practice, and
  • distilling lessons for the future of museum education around the world.

Submission Process
We welcome submissions from authors around the world who currently or formerly work in and with museums.

To be considered for the issue, potential authors must complete this brief online form describing 1) the challenge, idea, issue, or experience tackled, 2) the response, approach, or process implemented, 3) how the work documents museum education in this remarkable time, and (4) why it will be of interest to practitioners and/or scholars of museum work and education. How does your idea capture the work of museum education during this historically significant time? What lessons and insights does it share?

The guest editors (Kimberly McCray, Amanda Thompson Rundahl, Paula Santos, and Gwendolyn Fernandez) will review submissions with the support of the MER Editorial Team and contact potential authors to discuss their proposed article ideas.

Article ideas must be submitted via the online form by Monday, December 14, 2020.

Once an article idea is accepted, authors must submit their 2,500–4,500 word essay to the guest editors on or before Monday, May 3, 2021. All articles will undergo the standard double-blind peer review process, meaning authors will not know who reviewed their work and reviewers will not know who wrote the article. Reviewers recommend publication, revision, or rejection of an article.

Feel free to contact the editors at with questions.

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