October 2019


Comic panel of Curious George. Panel 1: George looks at a bottle labeled "Ether." The text says "George is very curious." Panel 2: George smells the bottle. Text says: "It smelled funny!" Panel 3: George is spinning and the bottle becomes wavy. Text says: "Suddenly his head began to turn." Panel 4: George has wings, and the bottle has turned to a puddle. Text says: "Then he felt as if he were flying." Panel 5: George falls on his head. There are stars around him. Text says: "Then rings and stars danced before his eyes." Panel 6: George is laying next to the bottle of Ether. Text reads: "Then everything went dark."

A page from a Curious George book that is in six different panels. In the first panel, George sees a bottle of ether, he smells it in the second panel, he gets dizzy in the third, he feels like he can fly in the fourth, he sees rings and stars in the fifth, and everything goes dark in the sixth. There are corresponding cartoon images with each panel and wording.