April 2020

#DearMuseums: A Call for Submissions

Bolded text written, as if by a typewritter, reads “Dear Museums” and “Submit to:”

Hi…How are you doing? 

What do you want to say to your museum, or the field at large?

MER is launching an initiative called #DearMuseums that seeks to document and share stories about how this global crisis is affecting people and their work as museum educators. We are requesting submissions of all kinds: long or short narratives, 2-D, 3-D, photography, audio, and/or anything in between. This is an effort to promote solidarity and connectedness among education professionals working in museums, zoos, aquaria, nature centers, and other informal learning organizations. If you have something to say in some way, shape, or form, we want to hear from you.

Your submission can be a love letter, hate mail, a quiet reflection, or a scream into the universe. It can be a poem, a work of art, or a brief message. You can spend as much or as little time on this exercise as you would like–we want this to feel natural and sincere to your experience. 

Anything we publish on our Museum Visions blog, Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere will be anonymous. Take inspiration from PostSecret or @OverheardMuseum to express what you want to communicate to museums in this moment. 

To submit, please send entries to [email protected].

A hand-written messages reads “Dear museums, chill. Nothing is normal right now, and you pretending like it is isn’t helping. Xoxo.” The word normal is upside down and the words are illustrated with watercolor.
A #DearMuseums submission