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The Museum Education Roundtable is proud to serve the field through publication of Journal of Museum Education (JME).

The JME is an international, peer-reviewed publication exploring and reporting on theory, training, and practice in the museum education field. Published 4 times a year, each issue features journal articles–written by practitioners and scholars–that explore current research and trends in the field, case studies, reviews, as well as special topics in themed, guest-edited sections.

The JME began publishing in 1973 as Roundtable Reports. Since 1985, MER has published the journal as Journal of Museum Education. MER members receive print and digital access to the Journal as a benefit of membership. Previews of the JME are available below, and the full archive is available through Taylor & Francis, the JME’s publisher.

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JME 49 - 2024 Issues

49.1 notebook
A collection of photographs that capture learning moments at Holocaust monuments and sites in various areas in the world.

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48.1 notebook
Cover of JME 48.1. A blue background with, "words matter", shown in the center of the image.
48.2 notebook
Water falls in a light sprinkle over lightly colored circular pebbles.On the upper right hand side, a hand reaches forward to touch the water before it can fall on the rocks.
48.3 notebook
A person is shown writing on a wall with a blue pen. The walls and the floor have already been written on numerous times and he is adding to it. Although much of the writing is very small and unreadable, one can see large drawings, such as a Koons dog statue and a pierced ear.
48.4 notebook
An image of the cover of the JME issue 48.4. A collage of professionals in the museum education field at Museum Education Roundtable meetings and events.
47.1 notebook
An agave tree rises to meet a bright blue sky, studded with white clouds. The sun shines on the tree from the right of the picture plane. The tree has distinct branches that are in bloom.
47.2 notebook
A bright blue bench. Hand-lettered text runs across the back and seat. It reads, “This exhibition has asked me to stand for too long. Sit if you agree.”
47.3 notebook
Fifteen hands are placed on top of another in a show of teamwork. They all have different skin tones and wear different clothes.
47.4 notebook
A large group of people stand outside of a museum that has multiple columns and a decorated pediment. Above the museum are the words, "We Need," and below it is the word, "Change".
46.1 notebook
A graphic depicting a map of the United States and Europe based on a photo of Earth from space at night. There are small pictures of museums over the U.S. and Germany, with curved lines connecting the museums.
46.2 notebook
A series of many individual, pink rose petals. The rose petals are dried, pressed flat and arranged so that the petals are overlapping one another in an organized grid. Each petal is unique in color shade, texture, and shape or size. The grid of pressed rose petals forms a larger rectangle.
46.3 notebook
Many people rush past a large oil painting in a museum. They are moving so quickly that they become a blur.
46.4 notebook
An outside view of a brick museum with many windows. Superimposed over the museum are the words, "Museum temporarily closed due to Covid-19 pandemic."
45.1 notebook
45.2 notebook
45.3 notebook
Beyond The Cult
45.4 notebook
44.1 notebook
44.2 notebook
44.3 notebook
44.4 notebook
43.1 notebook
43.2 notebook
43.3 notebook
43.4 notebook
42.1 notebook
42.2 notebook
42.3 notebook
42.4 notebook
41.1 notebook
41.2 notebook
41.3 notebook
41.4 notebook
40.1 notebook
40.2 notebook
40.3 notebook
39.1 notebook
39.2 notebook
39.3 notebook