Become a Peer Reviewer

Become a Peer Reviewer of the JME!

The Journal of Museum Education is a peer reviewed journal. Simply put, peer review is the assessment of articles on research and practice by experts in the field. Two colleagues from the field read and give feedback on each article. The JME uses a double-anonymous review process, meaning that reviewers do not know who the author is, nor does the author know who reviewed their work. This ensures anonymous, honest feedback can be given. Peer review makes articles stronger, more grounded within the work that is happening within the field, and enriched by the process of knowledge sharing. You can find a list of our current peer reviewers here.

MER is continuously recruiting colleagues to serve as peer reviewers, and we invite you to apply. This is your opportunity to help shape museum education scholarship and contribute to the future of our field. We are looking for people with a strong connection to museum education in its many expressions. We think expansively and critically about the determination and assessment of expertise, and are interested in your lived experience, professional expertise, unique perspectives, and scholarly knowledge.

Expectations of Peer Reviewers
  • JME Peer Reviewers are generally asked to review one to three articles a year. You have the ability to decline if you are not available or interested in reviewing the proposed article.
  • When invited to review an article, reviewers read the article thoughtfully, provide short written comments on a review form, and in some cases, review later drafts of the article after revisions.
  • MER Board of Directors and JME Co-Editors provide training on how to provide a peer review and make themselves available to answer questions.

If you are interested in joining our peer review pool, please complete this intake form.

Learn more about Peer Review from our publisher, Taylor & Francis:

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