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The Journal of Museum Education
Members receive 4 issues per year of the JME, the premier publication on theory, training, and practice in the museum education field. In addition, members have access to the over 50 years of fully searchable archives of the JME.


Complimentary Access to Visitor Studies
MER members have complimentary access to the online edition of Visitor Studies through a reciprocal arrangement with the Visitor Studies Association. Cross-reference your museum education reading with data-packed articles on visitor research, evaluation studies, and methodologies.


Job Openings
Now members have the opportunity to search and submit relevant job listings within the field of Museum Education for free!


News and Resources
Gain insight into the museum education field through the MER website and regular member eblasts.

MER Members are also invited to submit and share news and events that advance the professional learning and development of museum educators!


Book Discounts
Enjoy a 30% discount on full-priced CRC Press or Routledge books from Taylor & Francis. Enhance your library with essential reads spanning museum studies, education, and more.


In-Person Networking
Members are invited to special regional events organized by MER and/or partner organizations.


Online Networking
Find like-minded colleagues through our international network of museum educators on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Historical Scholarly Record & Future Innovations

The Museum Education Roundtable has preserved a rich historical record spanning 50 years of museum education scholarship, trends, and critical issues through the Journal of Museum Education. This invaluable peer-reviewed archive continues to serve as a cornerstone for understanding the evolution of the field of museum education from impactful leaders, scholars, and practitioners. The journal provides grounding in both theory and practice to support and spur innovative transformations from current and future generations of professionals.

Modeling and Promoting DEAI within the Profession

The Museum Education Roundtable’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (DEAI) reform has significantly shaped the board and the field. Notably, the Board of Directors have restructured the board and its processes to model the reflexive work required of effective DEAI. The Journal of Museum Education (JME) is a testament to this change and its impact, representing a platform for leaders, scholars, and practitioners to have thought-provoking dialogue and demonstrative change within museum education.

Unapologetically Taking a Stand

The Museum Education Roundtable has been a vocal advocate for important social and political issues. From Black Lives Matter to civic education erosion, MER isn’t afraid to use its platform to situate the field of museum education within broader societal issues to encourage action, positioning itself as a driving force for change in the museum landscape.