Open Call for JME 48.4

Open Call for Article Proposals–DUE February 10, 2023

Guest Edited by Naomi Ostwald Kawamura, Emily Potter-Ndiaye, Kim McCray, and David O. McCullough

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In 2022, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) adopted a new definition of the museum that highlights its role in contributing towards “education, enjoyment, reflection and knowledge sharing.” In translating our work as museum educators to a broader public, there are areas of relational knowledge-share that frequently get missed in academic scholarship. This guest-edited issue is our attempt to tackle these silences, with a focus on the interpersonal relationships that we build, the mentorship that we receive and provide, and the dialogues that we engage in that serve as essential building blocks to our work as educators. Our interest brings together articles that shine a bright light on our interpersonal work, on invisibilized people and stories within our field, as well as the experiential and on the ground ways we train and develop museum educators.

As a way to honor the Journal of Museum Education’s 50th anniversary, we will explore the interpersonal dimensions of our work that demand more attention while highlighting the individual contributions of museum educators from our field. We invite submissions to share how practitioners are learning and training, sharing knowledge, leading their institutions from all areas of the org chart, and building relationships.

We invite articles that contribute to this effort, in a variety of formats including case studies, interviews, intergenerational conversations, and collaborative work. We imagine this issue will invite perspectives that build on personal and relationship experiences, considering a range of questions, some as simple as:

  • What are inherent relational elements to your practice that are not verbalized or documented but are central to your work as a museum educator?
  • Who are the people whose work and leadership have shaped you? These exist all around us and beyond supervisory structures.
  • What relationships form the basis of your work as an educator?

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