May 2020

#DearMuseums Week 3: Working from Home

Welcome to the third week of #DearMuseums! This initiative seeks to document and share stories about how this global crisis is affecting people and their work as museum educators. Tune in to our blog, Facebook, and Twitter every week for selected submissions that capture the current climate through museum educator’s eyes. This week’s theme is “Working From Home”

First Entry:

Being mindful and staying centered. A Spring in Jackson Heights at the epicenter. Sheltering at home doing long put off projects of a more pragmatic nature like painting kitchen cabinets as well as meeting book review deadlines—yes those still exist 🥴

First Entry image #1:

This abstract image includes horizontal brushstrokes. Lighter grey brushstrokes fill the bottom and right side of the image, while darker grey brushstrokes fill the top and middle.

First Entry Image #2:

In this image, the foreground is full of darkly-tinted, parked cards. To the left is a person with grey hair, a white face mask, and a black jacket who is walking down the sidewalk toward the photographer. In the background are newly-budding trees, some that are green and others that are pink. Behind the trees is a brick building.

Entry #2:

This image has black text at the top over a grey background; the text says "The joy of working from home, where the cat steals all your pens and nibbles the corners off all your papers!" At the bottom of the image is a light-haired person whose face is covered by fanned-out white papers with ragged corners.

To submit your own responses or ideas (written, audio, visual submissions all encouraged) please email [email protected].