May 2023

Meeting the Directors: Asami Robledo-Allen Yamamoto

MER would like to spend some time celebrating the wonderful people that we have the opportunity to work with. We asked each director to answer a series of questions to allow us to get to know them better.

A woman with long black hair looks at the camera. Behind her is a blank wall.

Asami Robledo-Allen Yamamoto (she/her/ella) is the Project Manager for Latinos in Heritage Conservation. Previously, she served as the Community and Bilingual Program Coordinator for the Kimbell Art Museum. Her work focuses on bilingual, teen, and accessibility museum programs rooted in constructivism, empathy, and compassion. Asami is a disabled, Mexican woman and believes museum educational programs are catalysts to change in their surrounding communities. Therefore, she advocates for Spanish-language inclusion, anti-ableist and anti-racist museum education practices, and gamification. She has also been a bilingual gallery teacher at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art.

Asami earned her both her degrees from the University of North Texas. Her MA
is in Art Education with a certification in Art Museum Education and her BFA is in Art Education with a double minor in Psychology and Art History. Asami is also a practicing artist trying to raise awareness for various chronic illnesses through her paintings and video art. She has been a board member since 2022 and is currently a part of the Editorial Team.

What made you want to join MER?

I wanted to join MER because I wanted to be a part of a community built by and for museum educators. As someone who was burning out from the field, I wanted to be around a community of museum educators committed and actively advocating for DEAIB in museums and doing work to institute and share new DEAIB-centered initiatives, practices, literature, and opportunities. Additionally, I wanted to be involved with the Journal of Museum Education. After having published my first academic article by the JME, I wanted to pay back the support to other first-time authors.

What are your dreams/ goals for the organization during your tenure?

During my tenure, I want to support JME authors to produce rich, personal, and well-loved articles. I also want to help increase membership and member involvement. Organizations, like MER, can seem intimidating to join and participate in (especially for underrepresented identities). Therefore, I want to motivate members and non-members to be involved and to grow our community. There is a large community of BIPOC and disabled museum educators, I would love for them to find a home with MER.

How do you relax and recharge after a long day?

After a long day, if I am feeling active, I love boxing or working out with my partner, or we love taking our pupperoni, Picasso, out for long puppy adventures. On days I am feeling less active, I like to binge watch TV shows while playing Tetris, read books, write, or paint.

Who is someone you look up to?

I will try not to give too cheesy of an answer….

My sister has been my hero from the day we first met. Academically, personally, and professionally, she leads with empathy, kindness, compassion, confidence, and intelligence. She has inspired me to pursue opportunities that I felt too insignificant to pursue. She has challenged me to be a better writer, be more empathetic in certain situations, and to take care of myself. She has been my teacher, my advocate, and my best friend.