Museum Visions: A Blog Space


This space was created by the Museum Education Roundtable to expand upon the most recent Journal of Museum Education (JME) issue, reflect on member events, and address timely issues that we face in the field of museum work. Read about how to write for our blog here.

MER Talks: Autism Acceptance Month

The beginnings of Autism Awareness Month date back to 1970 when the Autism Society of America lobbied for nation-wide recognition for people with autism.  In 2007, the United Nations declared April 2nd “World Autism Awareness Day.” There is no doubt that efforts like these formalized days on the calendar, the ‘light it up blue’ campaign and the puzzle-piece ribbon, have … Read More

#DearMuseums, Week One: “Uncertainty”

Welcome to the first week of #DearMuseums!  This initiative seeks to document and share stories about how this global crisis is affecting people and their work as museum educators. Tune in to our blog, Facebook, and Twitter every Monday for selected submissions that capture the current climate through museum educator’s eyes. This week’s theme is “Uncertainty.”  All entries this week … Read More

#DearMuseums: A Call for Submissions

Hi…How are you doing?  What do you want to say to your museum, or the field at large? MER is launching an initiative called #DearMuseums that seeks to document and share stories about how this global crisis is affecting people and their work as museum educators. We are requesting submissions of all kinds: long or short narratives, 2-D, 3-D, photography, … Read More

Confessions of a #MuseumEd Mama

If you’re a museum professional, it’s likely that you can never just visit a museum. While you’re there, you may be evaluating interactions with staff, filing away mental notes about interpretive text, or low key judging design choices in exhibitions. Like the barista who can no longer stand the smell of coffee, a unique downside of working in leisure spaces … Read More

I 💜 Museums Playlist

It’s once again that time of year in North America when we reflect on our feelings of love…for museums, right? Perhaps your feelings are actually about love in, or near, a museum, but either way, we’ve got a sweet little playlist for you to enjoy. Thanks to all who shared their favorite songs and special insights with us! 1. “Happy … Read More

JME in Action: My Top 3 for 44.4

The end of one year and the beginning of the next inevitably brings about ranked lists or photo collages on social media, news outlets, and television shows. While they can range from thoughtful to attention-seeking, this easy format offers us an annual opportunity to reflect and distill. This blog aims to capture the Top 3 things that the thematic articles … Read More