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Looking Inward

This space was created by the Museum Education Roundtable to expand upon the most recent Journal of Museum Education (JME) issue, reflect on member events, and address timely issues that we face in the field of museum work. Read about how to write for our blog here.

Letter from MER President

As 2021 comes to a close, the Museum Education Roundtable is ready to head into the new year during a moment of change for the organization. Our long-time Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Museum Education (JME), Cynthia Robinson has announced her retirement from her role. Through her decade-long tenure with the JME, Cynthia has supported the journal’s evolution, overseeing 39 … Read More

From the Membership: Results of MER Survey 2020

Last spring, amidst the unfolding and intersecting pandemics—COVID-19, anti-Black racism and structural inequity, climate change—the future of museums, and museum educators was anything but clear. In a “normal spring” (please excuse the incredible understatement here), the MER Board of Directors would have been planning our annual, in-person forum; recruiting and welcoming new Directors; connecting ideas for JME topics with authors … Read More

International Museum Day 2020

This year’s International Museum Day is centered around the theme, “Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion.” To celebrate International Museum Day, Routledge (publisher of the Journal of Museum Education) has curated a collection of articles that explore these topics and how they relate to museums and the heritage sector.  Five articles from JME are included in this collection. We reached … Read More

Confessions of a #MuseumEd Mama

If you’re a museum professional, it’s likely that you can never just visit a museum. While you’re there, you may be evaluating interactions with staff, filing away mental notes about interpretive text, or low key judging design choices in exhibitions. Like the barista who can no longer stand the smell of coffee, a unique downside of working in leisure spaces … Read More

What Can We Do? Reflections on Access in Museum Education

How can we increase visitor access in our work as a museum educators? Often, when thinking about accessibility, I am overwhelmed by large, structural, and costly changes that I, an educator, am unable to change in the museum. Because switching out furniture,  purchasing new equipment, or increasing budgets to make these accommodations is not within our current sphere of influence, … Read More