May 2020

Dear Museums Week #5: Missing You

Welcome to the fifth week of #DearMuseums. This initiative seeks to document and share stories about how this global crisis is affecting people and their work as museum educators. With each week that passes, we notice that the emotions grow more complex. This week’s post takes a look at the many moods and layers to the feeling of longing.

Entry #1:

Alt Text: A collage of different cursive handwritings written in ink overlap one another. Most of the sentences are cut off, but the phrases “I miss you,” “RIP!”, and “1918” can be read.

Entry #2:

Alt Text: An animation of the video game Animal Crossing shows a female figure wearing a face mask and umbrella while standing in the rain. She stands in front of a neoclassical building with an eagle emblem and doors open. A poster on an easel in front of the building reads “Dear Museums.” It is raining, and the environment also shows grass and trees.

Entry #3:

I have faith in you.
I can wait for you.

The last entry on this post has us thinking about what museum educators are experiencing as their museums prepare to reopen (or already have). What are your thoughts, concerns, and feelings about “going back” and reopening? Let us know at #DearMuseums.

To submit your own responses or ideas (written, audio, visual submissions all encouraged) please email [email protected].