October 2022

MER’s FY2022 Annual Report

The Museum Education Roundtable is happy to share its first annual report. This last year, like many others, our directors have done their best to follow the organization’s mission of inspiring innovative thinking for the field through engagement with scholarly and practice-based content explored in the Journal of Museum Education.

The annual review features a letter from FY2022 President, Naomi Ostwald-Kawamura, highlights some of MER’s accomplishments through the year, and provides further insight into our finances, membership numbers, and JME statistics. You can access our annual review here.

We at MER are excited to begin the new fiscal year with a look back at our previous one. We hope that this annual report, and the others that will follow in the coming years, will help MER hold itself accountable for the actions and choices made to drive the organization forward. We also hope that this year allows us even more space to empower museum educators to transform the field through learning, community building, and innovative practice.