April 2021

Open Call for BIPOC/Historically Underrepresented Museum Voices

Do you identify as a BIPOC individual? If so, consider submitting a blog post proposal to the Museum Education Roundtable’s blog, Museum Visions, in order to continue pushing the field toward greater equity for museum professionals. Tied to the current issue of the Journal of Museum Education, this open call’s theme is “Museums & Partnerships.” This invitation is intended to give opportunities to those BIPOC individuals in the field whose voices have been historically underrepresented, to help promote pay equity, and support museum practitioners and their writing. 

Authors will be asked to submit a 100-word synopsis of their intended blog post through this application form by May 19. Selected authors will be contacted by the Communications Team of the MER Board of Directors and will be awarded a $375 honoraria (a blog post should be between 1,000-1,500 words at around $0.25 per word) & one-year membership to the Journal of Museum Education.


Museum professionals whose voices have been historically underrepresented, with a particular focus on those who identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color.

Open through May 19: Museums & Partnerships

This JME is about the ways in which international collaborations can help push the museum field forward. For the blog post, we are interested in hearing from you all about your partnerships with other colleagues or institutions. (Preference will be given to folks with international partnerships, but all entries regarding partnerships are welcome.) Following is a snippet of Nathanial Prottas’ introduction below, to give you a sense of what we are hoping to hear about from you.

“The articles here do not claim to represent a global view of education in the museum, nor even to cover all of the issues central to American and German museums as educational spaces today. Rather, they offer a snapshot of exchange between professionals working on opposite sides of the Atlantic, a glimpse into how international exchange and dialogue can foster growth for museums.“

To submit: Fill out this form, which includes a request for a 100-word synopsis. Selected papers will be contacted by the Communications Team of the MER Board of Directors.

MER Equity Statement: MER is committed to the core values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. We believe that as an organization, we have a professional responsibility to address the intersecting histories of oppression and resistance that shape hierarchies of privilege and power related to race, gender identity, class, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, ability and national origin and their role in museum education. We are committed to serving as advocates for these values to the wider field and through the Journal of Museum Education.

A graphic depicting a map of the United States and Europe based on a photo of Earth from space at night. There are small pictures of museums over the U.S. and Germany, with curved lines connecting the museums.