JME 46.1: Shared Challenges? Transatlantic Perspectives on Museums in the US and Germany


An American in the German-Speaking World: A View from Both Sides of the Atlantic
Nathaniel Prottas

Shared Challenges? Transatlantic Perspectives on Museums in the US and Germany
Sarah Junk Hatcher & Lorenz Kampschulte


Directors’ Perspective: A Transatlantic Discussion on the Role of Museums
Barbara Stauffer & Britta Horstmann

Creating Better Transatlantic Understandings: Defining Our Terms
Sarah Junk Hatcher, Vanessa Hirsch & Heike Zech

Repatriation, Public Programming, and the DEAI Toolkit
Elizabeth Bazan, Samuel W. Black, Nike Thurn & Frank Usbeck

Expanding Museum Communities: International Perspectives on Access in Exhibition Design and Public Programs
Lorena Bradford, Abigail Diaz & Ruth Schilling

Using Participation and Empathy to Inspire Positive Change: A Transcontinental Conversation
Julie Garner & Eva Rossmanith

Non-visitors: Who Are They and What Should We Do About Them?
Antje Kluge-Pinsker & Barbara Stauffer

Changing Museums Through Cooperation and Collaboration
Lorenz Kampschulte & Sarah Junk Hatcher

Perceptions of Possibilities: An Exploration of Transatlantic Collaboration
Heather Harris, Sarah Junk Hatcher & Lorenz Kampschulte


Take Me To Greece: Exploring Intergenerational Interactivity in a Mixed Reality Children’s Museum Exhibition
Rojin Vishkaie, Teddy Seyed, Claire Thoma Emmons & Dirk vom Lehn

Collaboration and Competition in Exhibit Facilitation Around Energy Literacy
Lauren R. Applebaum, C. Aaron Price & Anjylla Y. Foster


Small Tech, Big Impact: Twenty-First Century Educational Collaborations to Preserve and Share Rural Museum Collections
Sara Clarke-Vivier, Raven Bishop & Julie Markin

The Future as Fantasy: What Does It Mean to Discuss the Future with Children and Young People in the Context of Art Space Education?
Lucy Smalley


Cover Image 

A graphic depicting a map of the United States and Europe based on a photo of Earth from space at night. There are small pictures of museums over the U.S. and Germany, with curved lines connecting the museums..
The cover image shows many of the U.S. and German museums featured in this issue. The connections represent our authors’ intensive collaborations in generating transatlantic understandings on topics as diverse as social discourse’ diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion (DEAI); and change, cooperation, and collaboration. Cover image credit: Sam Theriault, edited map images from “Earth at Night” (NASA Earth Observatory images by Joshua Stevens, using Suomi NPP VIIRS data from Miguel Román, NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center).