Museum Visions: A Blog Space


This space was created by the Museum Education Roundtable to expand upon the most recent Journal of Museum Education (JME) issue, reflect on member events, and address timely issues that we face in the field of museum work. We would love your input! Please contact us via Twitter @MusEdRoundtable or via Facebook @MuseumEducationRoundtable with questions, comments, or ideas.

To Start Life Anew Again

My husband was diagnosed with cancer a few short months ago. Cancer. Even today, the word carries with it that horrible feeling of dread, the acknowledgement that, as humans, we are not invincible, the acceptance that our time here on this planet is precious, and the recognition that we all want to find meaning in our lives, however we each … Read More

Mingle with MER at AAM

The American Alliance of Museums 2016 conference is almost here! This year thousands of museum professionals will head to Washington, DC over Memorial Day weekend to attend informative sessions and spend time with colleagues. We on the MER board hope that you can join us for some (or all!) of the exciting events we have planned. On Thursday May 26th, … Read More

On Being Heard

“The Broad’s No. 1 objective from the beginning was to connect a wide audience with contemporary art. To do that effectively, we had to think about how you can be truly welcoming and engaging in new ways.” Joanne Heyler, Director, The Broad. “A New Kind of Museum Guard: Know-It-Alls in the Best Way,” New York Times (paywall), March 15, 2016 … Read More