The JME40 blogging project is an initiative of the Museum Education Roundtable to commemorate the publication of the 40th volume of the Journal of Museum Education. Each month, posts will expand upon the most recent JME issue; or, as appropriate, will address timely issues that have antecedents in the lengthy JME archive. Blog editors Susan Spero and Lexie Carlson would love your input! Please contact us at with questions, comments, or ideas.

Beyond Borders: Expanding Our Access

Our colleague Jon Carfagno candidly outlines in his May blog post, “Retelling the Story of Museum Education Roundtable,” the process we at the Museum Education Roundtable (MER) recently embarked towards an exciting organization-wide transformation. We reflected on our purpose, our audiences and our future to redefine our brand, mission, vision and role. Throughout this process of reflection and change, we … Read More

Retelling the Story of Museum Education Roundtable

“Sharing, teaching, listening, guiding, forecasting – an ongoing organizational quest to inform, engage and inspire through compelling educational experiences. We are Knowledge in Action. “ These words form the conclusion of Museum Education Roundtable’s recently redefined brand story. More importantly, they mark the culmination of a multi-year project intended to chart a course for our future. Origins and Background During … Read More

The End of One Thing, the Beginning of Something Else

Over the last seven years, we’ve spent a lot of time telling stories from our successful AmeriCorps Cultural Technology (ACT) museum internship program. This program, which embeds our New Mexico Highlands University media arts & technology students and recent grads in paid long-term service positions in museums, libraries, and historic sites, has been running since 2010. There have been articles, … Read More