JME 47.2: The Call for Disability Justice in Museum Education: Re-Framing Accessibility as Anti-Ableism

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Disability and the Inclusive Intention
Michelle Moon


The Call for Disability Justice in Museum Education: Re-Framing Accessibility as Anti-Ableism
Syrus Marcus Ware, Kate Zankowicz & Sarah Sims

Museum Education for Disability Justice and Liberatory Access
J. T. Eisenhauer Richardson & Dana Carlisle Kletchka

Devisualizing the Museum: From Access to Inclusion
Alison F. Eardley, Hannah Thompson, Anna Fineman, Rachel Hutchinson, Lindsay Bywood & Matthew Cock

Touch Points: Co-Designing Tactile Exhibition Elements with User/Experts
Shannon Baldioli, Shauna Edson, Ashley Grady & Nefertiti Matos

Museum Crip Space, By Any Other Name
Beth Ziebarth & Janice Majewski

New Foundations: Principles for Disability-Inclusive Museum Practice
Ross Edelstein

Building Anti-Ableist Museum Education Practices: A Reflection and Facilitation Toolkit
Rebecca Kon & Kate Zankowicz

Illness and Empathy: Promoting Anti-Ableist Practices in Art Museum Education
Asami Robledo-Allen Yamamoto & Beatriz Asfora Galuban

Attending to Each Other: Centering Neurodivergent Museum Professionals in Attentive Facilitation
Sam Theriault & Rebecca Ljungren


Competencies of a Museum Guide as Predictors of Visitors’ Learning Outcomes: A Case from Canada
Dunja Demirović BajramiNikola VuksanovićMarko D. Petrović & Tatiana N. Tretiakova

Creating Interfaith Dialogue in Art Museums: A Community and Museum Collaboration
Ann Murphy Burroughs & Bill Sitzer

Parent/Caregiver Perspectives on Children’s Play and Learning at a Children’s Museum: A Qualitative Descriptive Study
Ellie K. Taylor & Lisa Kervin

Experimenting with the Art of Observation
Heather Parker, Shannon Brown, Allison Morehead, Madeleine Dempster, Natalie Wagner, Rachel Curtis & Christine Law