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Creating Safe(r) Spaces for Visitors and Staff in Museum Programs

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In “Creating Safe(r) Spaces for Visitors and Staff in Museum Programs”, Katrikh, provides insights on the “five layers of taking care” developed for the Museum of Tolerance. Each layer represents a constituent considered in the process of gallery-based dialogue. This framework demonstrates the recognition that inviting challenging conversations takes thoughtful facilitation and support for all of these dimensions in order to create the necessary environments for open, responsible, and respectful conversation. These layers also provide a guide to thinking about the reach of these conversations from the individual to the communities beyond the museum.

In thinking about extending this model to our own work, this Reader Guide asks you– the museum educator, guide, or manager—to explore the skills and kinds of supports you need to/want to have in place to engage visitors in challenging and potentially emotionally-charged conversations.

You can download the guide here.