JME 38.2: Shared Authority: The Key to Museum Education as Social Change

From the Editors in Chief
Tina Nolan and Cynthia Robinson

From the Guest Editor

Shared Authority: The Key to Museum Education as Social Change
Elizabeth A. Duclos-Orsello

Necessarily Cumbersome, Messy, and Slow:
Community Collaborative Work within Art Institutions
Yaël Filipovic

Practicing Civic Engagement:
Making your Museum into a Community Living Room
Stephen Long

Who is Educating Whom?
Two-way Learning in Museum/University Partnerships
Fern Silverman and Bradford Bartley

Productive Discomfort: Dialogue, Reproductive Choice and Social Justice Education at the Matilda Joslyn Gage Center
Sally Roesch Wagner, Tori Eckler, and Maxinne Rhea Leighton

Tackling Tough Topics: Using Socio-Scientific Issues to Help Museum Visitors Participate in
Democratic Dialogue and Increase Their Understandings of Current Science and Technology
Elizabeth Kunz Kollman, Christine Reich, Larry Bell, and Juli Goss

A New Tradition: A Reflection on Collaboration and Contact Zones
Amber R. Clifford-Napoleone

Tools, Frameworks, and Case Studies
The Legacy Project: Connecting Museum Advocacy to Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) Role Models
Gabriel Gomez, Gerri Spinella, Victor Salvo, and Owen Keehan

How Some Art Museums Can Appeal to Teenagers
Susan E. Striepe

Museum Accessibility: Combining Audience Research and Staff Training
Nina Levent and Christine Reich

What the Research Says
Carving a Strong Identity: Investigating the Life Histories of Museum Educators
Natasha S. Reid

Heritage Meets Social Media: Designing a Virtual Museum Space for Young People
Ashley Shaw and Don Krug