JME 38.3: Engaging Visitors to Create Positive Futures

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Cover image for Fall 3013 JME, Vol. 38.3Vol. 38, no. 3
Engaging Visitors to Create Positive Futures

From the Editors in Chief
Tina Nolan and Cynthia Robinson

From the Guest Editors
Engaging Visitors to Create Positive Futures
John C. Anderson and Melissa A. Williams

Turning Visitors into Citizens: Using Social Science for Civic Engagement in Informal Science Education Centers
Alexis Bunten and Shannon Arvizu

From Theory to Practice: How Mass Audubon Is Incorporating Strategic Framing about Climate Change
Amy Fleischer

Communicating Ocean Acidification
Aaron Pope and Elizabeth Selna

Fostering Hope in Climate Change Educators
Janet K. Swim and John Fraser

Learning from the Past, Building for the Future
Noreen B. Brand

What the Research Says

Examination of a Museum Program for Children with Autism
Shelley Mulligan, Paula Rais, Jacqueline Steele-Driscoll, and Samantha Townsend

Scaffolding Visitors’ Learning through Labels
Joyce Wang and Susan Yoon

Successful Professional Learning for Informal Educators: What Is It and How Do We Get There?
Lynn Uyen Tran, Maia Werner-Avidon, and Lisa R. Newton

Current Trends in the Field
Voice, Choice, Equity and Access: Young Children Capture their Art Gallery Education Experiences
Narelle Lemon

Tools, Frameworks & Case Studies
Raising Docent Confidence in Engaging Students on School Tours
Teri Evans-Palmer