JME 40.1: Empowering Museum Educators to Evaluate

From the Editor-in-Chief
Cynthia Robinson

From the Guest Editors

Empowering Museum Educators to Evaluate
Joy Kubarek and Laureen Trainer

How Do You Start?

Building Staff Capacity to Evaluate in Museum Education
Joy Kubarek

Defining the Scope of Your Evaluation
Elizabeth Wood

The Ethics of Evaluation in Museums
Joe E. Heimlich

Data Collection Methods for Evaluating Museum Programs and Exhibitions
Amy Grack Nelson and Sarah Cohn

How Do You Share?

Don’t Let Your Message Die on Delivery!
Laureen Trainer

Understanding the Effectiveness of Demonstration Programs
Allison Price, Emily R. Boeving, Marisa A. Shender, Stephen R. Ross

How Do You Grow?

Using One Evaluation to Affect Many
Angelina Ong and Christina Cadenhead

Working with External Evaluators
Lauren Silver and Scott Burg

Museum-University Collaborations to Enhance Evaluation Capacity
Kathryn Owen and Nick Visscher

Building Evaluation Capacity as a Network of Museum Professionals
Marley Steele-Inama

Evaluation Resources to Help with the Next Step
Laureen Trainer