JME 40.2: Distance Learning and Museums

From the Editor-in-Chief
Cynthia Robinson

From the Guest Editor

Going the Distance: Online Learning and the Museum
Anne Kraybill


Pedagogy and Practice in Museum Online Learning
Herminia Din

Webcasting for Secondary Students: Notes from the Field
Naomi Coquillon and James Staples

The Flipped Museum: Leveraging Technology to Deepen Learning
Michelle H. Harrell and Emily Kotecki

Engaging Students Online with the Smithsonian: A Case Study
Lynn-Steven Engelke

Embracing Change: Museum Educators in the Digital Age
Claire Moore

Developing a Model for Technology-Based Museum School Partnerships
Erika Sanger, Stan Silverman, Anne Kraybill

MOOCs and Museums: Not Such Strange Bedfellows
Lisa Mazzola

Building Capacity and Sustaining Endeavors
Anne Kraybill and Herminia Din

What the Research Says

The Value of Educators “on the Floor”: Comparing Three Modes of Presenting Science On a Sphere®
Jeff Hayward and Jolene K. Hart

The Effect of Live Interpretation with Theater on Attitudes and Learning of Children in the Mythbusters Exhibit
C. Aaron Price, Katherine Gean, Heather Barnes

Tools, Frameworks, and Case Studies

How Might You…? Seeking Inquiry in the Museum Studio
Hollie Ecker and Sarah Mostow