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Beyond the Male/female Binary: Gender Equity and Inclusion in Evaluation Surveys

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This issue of the Journal of Museum Education explores gender in museum education through an intersectional lens, including the ways in which museums can be more inclusive in their evaluation practices. As a previous Reader Guide has explored, evaluation of museum programming is essential to measuring and improving the quality of these learning experiences, including the necessary task of considering the ethics of data collection.

This Reader Guide extends the conversation of ethics and data collection into the field of inclusion and poses questions that allow readers to consider the ways in which museums can do more to consider the inclusivity of their sex and gender questions. This article by Alexander Lussenhop asserts that “museums collecting any kind of gender data should think critically about why and how they collect those data and recognize gender diversity beyond the male/female binary” (p. 194). The guide provides questions in a framework that will allow readers to consider their own experiences and work towards promoting dialogue within their institution around issues of evaluation, gender, and inclusion.

You can download the guide here.