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Migration, Politics, and the Limits of Multiculturalism in a Turkish Museum

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This issue of the Reader Guide provides guiding questions to accompany the article “Migration, Politics, and the Limits of Multiculturalism in a Turkish Museum” by Irina Levin in JME 44.1. Levin’s close look at the Bursa Immigration History Museum in Bursa, Turkey provides a mirror both to that community and institutions facing similar issues in their own home communities. This insightful look helps us see the complexities of different definitions, the ways that nation, state, culture, race, religion, and power all intersect differently with identity, how national politics can influence local history, and the challenges for museums being the holders and speakers of culture. While it does not provide a concrete set of answers, the article does lead readers to a set of questions and perspectives that can be used to examine their own practice.

This Guide uses this article as a launching point for a wider discussion of these issues in our personal, professional, and institutional lives. They are grouped following the Arc of Dialogue (developed by Tammy Bormann and David Campt) beginning with introductory questions, moving towards larger and often harder questions, and then returning to individual action.

You can download the guide here.