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Museums as Vital Resources for New Americans: The Citizenship Project

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As museums seek to become vital resources to the communities that surround them amidst a time of great social turmoil, programs like the Citizenship Project at the New-York Historical Society provide strong models for blending museum education practice with services that directly support communities in need. In her article, “Museums as Vital Resources for New Americans,” Mia Nagawiecki argues that engaging with history in her museum is a powerful tool for the contemporary moment in the immigrant experience: “With many immigrants feeling at risk, museums are in a unique position to turn from being gatekeepers of American history and culture to welcoming sites that bring new Americans into the fold.”

This Reader Guide, developed in conjunction with the author, invites us to consider and discuss the following questions within the context of an overall framework: How might we activate our collections and connected pedagogy to support and empower immigrants and native-born American citizens to become more civically engaged and knowledgeable?

You can download the guide here.