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The Influence of Progressivism and the Works Progress Administration on Museum Education

On the first page of this issue, the Journal of Museum Education’s assistant editor, Nathaniel Prottas, poses the question, “Where does the history museum education begin?,” and while that is an important question, the larger question we can consider with this issue and reader guide article is, why does the history of museum education matter?

Examining the field through the lens of historical understanding allows us to be reflective of our roots, understand the paths forged before us, and articulate how our work today remains shaped and connected to the work of our predecessors, while shaping our relevance today. Given the nature of the historical journey laid out in this issue, it is helpful to consider how skills for understanding history can be used as a tool to maximize the impact of the articles. Historical thinking approaches can be used across disciplines as critical appraisal devices, prompting foundational questions to be asked  hat build knowledge, understanding, and connections from sources.

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