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JME 38

This space was created by the Museum Education Roundtable to expand upon the most recent Journal of Museum Education (JME) issue, reflect on member events, and address timely issues that we face in the field of museum work. We would love your input! Please contact us via Twitter @MusEdRoundtable or via Facebook @MuseumEducationRoundtable with questions, comments, or ideas.

JME 38.2: Shared Authority: The Key to Museum Education as Social Change

From the Editors in Chief Tina Nolan and Cynthia Robinson From the Guest Editor Shared Authority: The Key to Museum Education as Social Change Elizabeth A. Duclos-Orsello Necessarily Cumbersome, Messy, and Slow: Community Collaborative Work within Art Institutions Yaël Filipovic Practicing Civic Engagement: Making your Museum into a Community Living Room Stephen Long Who is Educating Whom? Two-way Learning in … Read More

JME 38.1: City Museums and Urban Learning

From the Editors-in-Chief Cynthia Robinson & Tina R. Nolan From The Guest Editor City Museums and Urban Living Rainey Tisdale Community Websites: Linking the Personal to Urban History Annemarie de Wildt Embracing a New Understanding of the City: The Museum of Vancouver’s Vision in Action Viviane Gosselin Looking for New Audiences Jari Harju & Jyri Kokkonen (Translator) The Contemporary City … Read More